How do you make money?
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04 Aug 2022
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29 Jan 2023


Here I will teach you our different methodes of making money on Revenantcraft.


A few things to know before you start trying to make money;

  • We do not have a server shop, prices are being set by the community.
  • There is no way to buy in-game cash with real life money.
  • We do not have a public auctionhouse, instead we have player-made markets and a marketplace in spawn where you can hire stands. You can also make a market yourself and set a pwarp (/pwarp)


Methode 1

Select up to 3 jobs in our server using /jobs, depending on what jobs you have selected, gets you paid for different actions. For example; If you have miner selected you get paid for mining ores and stones.

Methode 2

We have up to 600+ quests, for completing tasks you receive money. 
Use /quest to open up this menu;

Methode 3
Player trading

You can trade with players by buying and selling items, this can be done manually however we advise you to use chestshops. For a tutorial on how to make them click here.



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