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Hello :)

10 months ago

Hello upsized :D


How can I claim my land?

10 months ago


In this guide I will teach you how to claim land.

Step 1
Use /lands create <name>
If done correctly it should show up like this

Step 1.1
In order to claim more land use /lands claim in a new chunk
Or use /lands claim radius (1-8)
Claiming a new chunk costs 150 </name>

Step 1.2
In order to see your current claim use /lands map

Step 1.3
To manage your claim(s) simply use /lands
Here you can add and remove members, make new sections, manage relations with other claims
And a lot more.

If you have configured everything the way you like it to be you are ready to go!
Unless you want to sell / rent regions out to other players.

How to make a new section
Open your lands menu with /lands and click on "areas"
Next click on create area

Next fill in a name, for example house1.
If done correctly it should show up like this

Next use /lands selection and select 2 points

Now type /assign (area-name), in this case /assign house1
If done correctly it should show up like this

In order to rent / buy you have to hang up a sign like this.

A interval period is a must, the maximum interval (Displayed as [max]) is optional.
If done correctly it should show up like this.

If there are more questions feel free to contact our staff team!





10 months ago

Heya! I'm L2T (Niels) currently 18 years old as I'm writing this. I'm from the Netherlands and I'm making this server purely for fun, I hope you all are having a good time!


How do you make money?

10 months ago


Here I will teach you our different methodes of making money on Revenantcraft.


A few things to know before you start trying to make money;

  • We do not have a server shop, prices are being set by the community.
  • There is no way to buy in-game cash with real life money.
  • We do not have a public auctionhouse, instead we have player-made markets and a marketplace in spawn where you can hire stands. You can also make a market yourself and set a pwarp (/pwarp)


Methode 1

Select up to 3 jobs in our server using /jobs, depending on what jobs you have selected, gets you paid for different actions. For example; If you have miner selected you get paid for mining ores and stones.

Methode 2

We have up to 600+ quests, for completing tasks you receive money. 
Use /quest to open up this menu;

Methode 3
Player trading

You can trade with players by buying and selling items, this can be done manually however we advise you to use chestshops. For a tutorial on how to make them click here.




Welcome new website!

10 months ago

Heya everyone!

Welcome on our new website, we are still working hard to make everything how we want things to be.
From now on we will also post our updates on here.

Be sure to give us feedback as this helps us a lot! 

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